Anti Systemic Inqalabi Marasi (ASIM) currently operates under various single person associations, the multiple-use name Tae Ateh and collective phantoms, as (a member of) DAMTP, the industrial union of reproductive destructive and psychic workers.

u can contact now: email: xasimx at yahoo.com / mobile: 0044 seven 947734736 /


asim was here:

2016 - DAMTP - First Quantum Flux Footballum Equinox Fest London 2016
2015 - asimus - Dada 99th Anniversary Conference , Alytus
2015 - asim - Re-Print symposium at Anglia Ruskin
2009-2015 - DAMTP/ CLASS/ AMKAAK - Alytus Biennial
2006 - evoL - RFID and the Tagged exhibition by Space Media Arts
2004 - lutham blissett - Artists Project, Mute
2003 - evoL - Univ of Openess Cartographic Congress, London
2003 - c6.org - Collective manouvers, Bristol, irational.org
2002 - QCFC - 1th Conference on the Findations of PsychoPhysics, Oxford
2002 - evoL - Space Hijackers City Experimental Pedestrian Scheme
2001 - Anon - Inventory - Coagulum, London
2000 - Invisible Art School - Independant Art School Hull

wikiversity workspace for technical exploration:

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